Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th

Hey Book Lovers

Today will cause a lot of stress and worry for a lot of superstitious people across the world. I often sway back to the con of Friday of the 13th then I sway to my life again.

When I was younger I use to avoid black cats, ladders, magpies and other bad Friday the 13th stuff. I use to wear all my lucky necklaces and bracelets to bring my good luck.

I soon realised how foolish I was being and stopped. I just treated Friday the 13th like every other day. But when it comes to assessments or exams I normally say I'll fail them so I don't jinx them. I normally pass my assessments or exams if I do that.

It's hard to break old habits like - smoking, drinking, superstition and insulting yourself.

So how about you? 
Do you have any wacky superstitions? 
Or do you find it all ridiculous?
Shell xx 

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  1. My family is not really superstitious. My grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother were all born on a Friday the 13th. I always say that is why my family has bad luck. Lol.