Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Happy Birthday Bloghop

Hey Book Lovers! :D 

I love and hate birthdays! I love other peoples birthdays because I can spoil them rotten + I can go out drinking with them and have a great night. When it's my birthday, I hate it because I dislike the attention and because the people I love aren't there. But lately I've noticed no one comes to my birthday piss ups and it's annoying because I make the effort to go to their parties. 

When I turned 21 last year, I invited 35 of my friends for a piss up but only 4 "friends" turned up. I was so disappointed but I ended up having a great night.

Now that I will be turning 22 in May, I have arranged to go to Newcastle to see Under the Influence gig. I created a facebook group and invited all my friends and some cousins too - 22 folks. The only people that will be going is myself and my friend Sara.  And that just shows how loved I truly am. 

So the reason I am talking about birthdays is because I have joined Carrie Ann Ryan's Bloghop. This is my first Bloghop....and I hope I'm doing it right lol Well, each author is giving away a prize at their blog. AND we're giving away TWO grand prizes.

1) A Kindle Touch
2) A $60 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

I will be giving away Toucan of Scotland Sterling Silver earrings to my winner for answering this very simple question.

What was your worst Birthday ever? 

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Shell xx


  1. This is very much like your memory! For my 18th birthday I my 6 best friends to my house for a fancy dinner (my mom was cooking!) and a sleepover with junk food and girly movies. Only one person showed up, and she could only stay for dinner. Three people called that day to say they couldn’t come and the other two just didn’t call at all. Those two acted like nothing every happened! Tears were plentiful.
    Thanks for being part of the Birthday hop!

  2. I think my worst birthday ever was when i was dating my husband and he took me out to eat at a fancy restaurant. He ordered lobster for us and I was embarrased to tell him I was allergic to shellfish. He really thought he was giving me a good dinner. I ate everything that came with it except the lobster.
    JWIsley (at) alo (dot) com

  3. Oh my. My worst birthday ever? Ohhh, I know this one. I was in 10th grade, going to school in another town. We got out early that day (Wahoo, right?). My mom forgot me. Honest to goodness, forgot school was getting out early, so I sat there, on the curb for almost two hours waiting for her.

    Thankfully I had a good book with me. But man, I was hurt and mad.

    Welcome to the blog-hop world!


  4. My worst was my 21st. I was so sick, I was in bed for days. I couldn't even eat a piece of cake.

  5. My worst birthday was my 15th because my uncle died and we spent my birthday at the funeral home.
    sstrode at scrrtc dot com

  6. beautiful earrings!

  7. My worst birthday was my 30th. I was sanding down the plaster on the livingroom wall, and i worked all the way through the night. Went tobed exhausted, woke up the next day, and realized my birthday had come and gone.

  8. My worst birthday ever was the year my entire family had the flu.
    Happy Birthday Carrie Ann!

  9. My worst birthday ever was right after I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child and my girlfriends took me out for a nice dinner. They proceded to get drunk while I sat and watched them get stupid. Then they wanted me to go dancing with them and I said no but they begged me to go so I agreed. Then when I got there my brother showed up and his new girlfriend who I never met. called me a mean nasty name cause she thought he was hitting on me. My friends hooked up with other guys ditched me and I had to take a cab home all alone! Kinda lame! LOL


  10. Happy Birthday Carrie! Even though only 4 people came to your party, they were the 4 that love you the most!!
    I can't say I have had a worst. Some were better than others, but none were bad. I usually work on my birthday as I teach and my birthday is in the middle of the school year. The kids usually do something special for me.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  11. My 16 birthday was my worst birthday. My parents threw me a surprise party and invited a bunch of my family. My uncle from my dads side slept with my aunt from my moms side. Oh, and my uncle was married (and his wife was there, she ended up leaving him at our house). Everyone got drunk and there was fighting. People were asked to leave. Half the family that was there, are racist, and i have a black aunt and she has a baby. So there was tension there. Those people didnt stay very long. Then my grandma was fighting with my grandpa (there exs) and his new wife hates my grandma. There were barbs thrown back and forth. In truth, the party turned out hellish. It was a sweet thought, but wasnt fun. Us kids, my cousin and siblings, we ended up leaving and went walking. We played at the playground for awhile. Sorry you had such a bad birthday! I hope this one, you have an amazing time! :) Thank you!

  12. Just because all of them couldn't make it doesn't mean they don't love you. That's the eternal mother in me coming out. I have 3 girls older than you and 6 younger. My worst Birthday, well one of two of my worst birthdays. The year I turned 16 my cousin Troy(not a blood realitive) who I had a big crush on came over to my grannies where I was at to wish me happy birthday before he headed back home. We were all up at Grannis and Pop's for the fair, it always fell on my B-day. On the way down the mountain he ran off the road and was killed. the other worst was about a month before I had #3 child my girlfriends gave me a party before I moved back to the east coast. About 6 months later I found a letter addressed to my husband from his stripper girlfriend...dated about the time of my birthday.
    Seawitch Reviews @

    1. Opps that was suppossed to say I was moving back to the West Coast and I don't have anything against most strippers just some.

  13. Believe it or not it was my 21st B-day. My boyfriend totally forgot about it and then fell asleep after he got out of the shower when he was supposed to meet us at a resturant. So I feel you on the no love. My best friend and I had a few drinks.

  14. Worst birthday ever was when no one remembered it was my birthday. Spent it alone :(

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the cute earrings and the hop!

    sumopalk (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. My 22nd birthday was my worst one. I had a stomach virus and I couldn't eat my cake and ice cream. Thanks for the giveaway! Very nice earrings! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  16. I guess really my 21st was my worst one. Just a couple of months before it, I had a blood clot. I was in the hospital for 8 days and then on bedrest, and on blood thinners for about 6 months. Therefore, on my birthday I was taking the meds and not able to drink or really celebrate. But I guess it could have been worse.
    Thank you for the giveaway and I do hope you enjoy this birthday more than last year.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  17. My worst birthday ever was my 17th. I had a wreck and totalled my car. I spent the night in the hospital

  18. Worst birthday ever would have to be the one I spent in the ER with my oldest. She was 4 so I would have been 26. Not a very pleasant way to spend the day.

  19. I can't say that I've had a bad birthday. We don't do birthdays. Well, maybe the fact that my husband NEVER remembers to tell me happy birthday. Of course he gets pissy if I don't mention his!


  20. I'd have to say my worst birthday was when I was a teen and my older sister came by the house to go out to lunch with the family but when she found out that it was our birthday (my twin and I) she got mad and said she was not going out to no birthday lunch and she stormed out and went home. Turns out, she forgot that it was our birthday.
    I don't like celebrating my birthday and prefer to pretend it's just another day.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


  21. My worst birthday was last year. I lost my 25 year old son Jan 2, 2011 and it was my first birthday without him.


  22. The year after my mom passed away ,it made for a sad birthday. Deb P

  23. Congrats on your first blog hop! I have very few birthday memories. The most vivid was my 36th--which was 10 days before I went into the hospital for a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. It was very surreal...very contemplative and bittersweet. I wondered if it would be my last. That was 14 years ago!

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  24. Congrats on your first blog hop! And thank you so much for participating and for the amazing giveaway chance! Those earrings are gorgeous! :D

    Happy Birthday to Carrie and to everyone who is celebrating an April birthday!

    My worst birthday would have to be my 9th. My parents didn't celebrate my birthday, but at least they usually acknowledged it. However, on my 9th birthday, I'd spent the night before at my aunt and uncle's and when they brought me home, my parents didn't acknowledge my birthday at all - they basically ignored me the whole day. I remember feeling particularly miserable that day. I was the oldest of 5 kids, and the other kids got birthday cakes at least, but not I! Sheesh. I was a sad kid.

    GFC follower robertsongena
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    Gena Robertson

  25. Happy Birthday Carrie Ann. My worst birthday ever was probably last year. On May 22 of last year we had a devastating EF5 tornado hit my hometown of Joplin Missouri. My oldest daughter and her family and myself lost our homes and virtually everything. We had the clothes on our back but we lived through it so that was what was important. Anyway, 3 months later my birthday rolls around and none of us were in the mood to celebrate. So many people lost their lives and others lost everything they owned that it just didn't seem right to be celebrating my birthday. I was still sleeping on my youngest daughter's couch at the time while we were waiting for a contractor to get her garage remodeled into a room for me. So it was a bad year.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  26. My worst birthday was 2005. I had just lost my other to Lymphoma and also turned 50.

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a fantastic prize! <^_^>


  27. Thanks for participating in Carrie Anne's birthday celebration hop!
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  28. My worst birthday was when no one remembered it.


  29. I've never really had a "worst" birthday -- I've had a lot of really awesome birthdays! Even when I was abroad by myself on my birthday, I dressed up and went out (WITH a stupid birthday hat on!) and met a whole bunch of new people and hung out and had a fantastic time (I'm still friends with quite a few of them!)

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  30. Happy Birthday to Carrie Ann!
    Thank you for the giveaway and participating in the hop!
    My worst birthday was probably my 30th. I was already having a bad day (you know, getting older) and while I am driving home, I get pulled over for supposedly running a red light (which I did NOT). They gave me a ticket for over $200 and 4 points on my license. Ugh.

    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  31. I haven't had many bad birthdays (knocking wood ;)), but on my most recent one, not only did I have jury duty, I was selected to sit on the jury. Ah well ;p

    Hope your future birthdays are spectacularly good, Shell!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net