Friday, 2 March 2012

REVIEW: Shifter P.I by Bonnie Dee

Hey Book Lovers!'s been a while since I did a review. Well I have a very good reason for that; College and BDB. I have been super busy with my Comms report on Floors Castle which I have just handed in today and I've also been reading Dark Lover (BDB) by J.R.Ward. So I've been pretty busy.

Shall we get down to it? I think so! :D

A private eye. His hardnosed secretary. A dastardly cult and a werewolf curse. If you like your mysteries noir, Shifter, P.I. is for you.

New Orleans detective, Rick Plazier is hired by a client to look into her possibly cheating husband. In an effort to prove her investigative skills, Rick’s receptionist, Amy Chang agrees to follow the same woman on behalf of her untrusting husband. Working from opposite sides, Amy and Rick uncover much more than a case of faithless spouses. A deadly paranormal society plans to hold an auction of human beings and one or the other of their clients may be a target.

Amy’s disappearance prompts Rick to finally comes to terms with his shapeshifting curse and use his wolf aspect to track and rescue her.

But will the pair acknowledge their constant arguing is due to mutual attraction and will they move from bickering into bed?

This novel was very well written, easy to read and short enough that you want to go back for more of Bonnie Dee's novels. This book was a dream to read because this is the first book I've read with a Shifter P.I. Sure I've read Shifter cop stories but never Shifter P.I stories. I love how she created her own type of paranormal beings. I know I say this about every author I review but.....oh you just have to read it to understand what I mean. So much happens in this book and I couldn't put it down while I was on bus. I kept on wondering when the bad guy shows up and then BAM! He shows up and it all kicks off with an epic battle! Amy reminds me of every broken hearted gal I know, and what her ex did to her was just fucked up (excuse my French lol). I 100% recommend his novel to any Shifter fans! :D

Don't for get to check out Bonnie's website and facebook:

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Shell xx


  1. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    I was first in the midst of writing this story, set in New Orleans, when Hurricane Katrina swept through. With all the real life devastation going on, it felt wrong to be writing a fictional story set there and I put the story on hold for about a year before I finally finished it.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Bonnie :)