Monday, 27 February 2012

Women are Beautiful

Hey Book Lovers!

This post is about us REAL women. My friend Kit Henderson created a youtube video to promote heathly body image and self-esteem in women. I agree with every word in this video.

In this world women are meant to be a size 6 - 0, to have perfect skin, tall or avenge height. They are meant to look like what we all see on TV, magazines, TV adds and yes....even sometimes what we read in books. I'm sorry to sat it but NOT all authors write about skinny-minis, they sometimes write about curvy women.

In the UK I am a size 18 (USA size 16), I'm only 5'3 and I think I'm okay looking. I know my friends will see this and yell at me that I'm beautiful but I'm just bonnie looking. All my friends, male to female, all have some meat on their bones. I have a few skinny-mini friends. 

Children theses days do have a pressure to be skinny like Posh Spice, Lady Gaga, Sookie from True Blood, Page 3 girls. playboy girls, super models! It disgusts me greatly! What is so wrong with curves? It gives a guy something to hold onto. Curves brings comfort. Curves are curves and it's nothing to be ashamed of.


So here is Kit Henderson's video which features my other friend Gareth!
(P.s. True Colours isn't a real org, Kit created when she was writing the script :D)

Please subscribe to her channel and leave comments below :)

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