Thursday, 16 February 2012

REVIEW: Frank and the Werewolf Tamer by Tracey H. Kitts!

Hey Book Lovers! :D

I bought this book when it was free on Amazon UK but now it costs like £1.95 on Amazon UK and about $3.08 on Amazon US :) I read this book a while back because I was waiting on Tracey to get back to me about using her book cover and description. So yeah I got a reply back from her and she's cool about it! :D Thank you so much Tracey! :D

Katherine has had a hard time finding work, mostly because she’s a vampire. Turns out, people aren’t clamoring to work with the undead. She goes to the massive theme park, Notte Oscura, as a last resort. What Katherine doesn’t realize is, there’s a lot more waiting for her than just a job. 

This novel reminds me of when I hang out with friends from Hawick and Selkirk because the way Katherine and the guys act around each other is just how me and friends are! I loved it so much. I couldn't figure out what Frank was, it just stuck on it. I thought to myself 'What the hell is he? He's not a vampire. He could be a demon or a shifter or a were or maybe he could be a hybrid? He's not a wizard or a warlock.' I've read so many paranormal novels to know 80% of all supernatural folk out their and I can spot them just like THAT! But no! I had to wait until Frank told Katherine what he was.

Oh boy this story gets pretty steamy near the end cause Frank and Katherine get it on! If you catch my drift ;D I seriously want my own Frank because I want a guy who has so many different bubble baths lol! XD No but in all seriousness the plot was very well done, I didn't see any of the twists coming at all which was a very nice change because I can normally guess what's going to happen before it happens :D

 I 100% recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read this, trust it's worth the read because it's awesome and very well written! You'll get so many laughs and blushes from this book. I swear at one point on the bus I wanted to yell abuse at the bad guy for being a jerk but I couldn't cause I was on the bus and I didn't want people thinking am crazy. Which I'm not.....seriously I'm not crazy :D

Don't forget to check out her website & also buy this book on Amazon, the links and below! :D

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  1. Nice review Shell, this sure sounds nice and original. On the wishlist it goes!

  2. just about finished this book and am really enjoying. cheers shell for nudging me in the right way to read it :) xxxx