Thursday, 25 October 2012

Curvy Halloween interview and giveaway with Michelle Fawkes

Hey Book Lovers!

I have such a wonderful treat for you all! Please welcome Michelle Fawkes to my blog!

1. Hi, Michelle! I am so thrilled to have you here today. Please give us some background, to my followers,about Chubby Girl's Collection.

Thanks for having me! To be honest, the collection was a fluke that came about
from doing the first story, Chubby Girl Hot, now the lead story in the collection. That story received a lot of good feedback from readers wanting more, so I complied.

2. What inspired you to write about plus size women?

The ad industry has brainwashed a lot of people about "size" and what is normal or average. This has created a lot of unrealistic expectations in the minds of both men and women. As a friend of mine who is curvy said, "Curvy girl's have feelings, too and everyone has a right to be happy."

I gave this some thought and being a writer, played a little game of "what if" with myself. Chubby Girl Hot was the result.

3. Do you plan to continue the collection?

I've been very busy with other projects. However, I have thought I might

start a new story about the adventures of Brad and Katie, the two main
characters in the series, but I don't know where I'll get the time.

4. What are your views on Skinny women vs Plus size women? (In real life and in the land of books)

In books, everyone is svelte and beautiful, but that's a bit unrealistic. A

story can have elements of reality and still be fun and entertaining.

5. Do you think that more authors should write about Plus Size women?

Yes. "Plus size" is a misnomer. "Plus size" is now the new average.

6. What are you doing for Halloween?


7. Do you have any Halloween recipes to share with us?

Rum and coke.

8. Would you ever write a Halloween themed book?

Themed? I'm not sure.

9. What can we expect from you in the future?

I plan on branching out a bit and doing some kinky romance or sci fi erotica.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add or tell us about you, your books or just anything?

I'm just me.

Chubby Girl Collection By Michelle Fawkes

Chubby Girl Hot
Katie is smart, attractive, and has a good job. She's a computer geek and graphic designer for a major corporation. People tell her she's pretty. And they always tell her she has a "great personality."

But Katie is chubby. And society has decreed that being chubby equals second class citizen. That's okay with Katie. She has dreams like everyone, but she's accepted her lot in life and makes the best of it. She knows she'll never get married or even have a real boyfriend, other than as a friend with sometimes benefits. Her life moves along in a quiet, predictable rut.

Until one day...

Chubby Girl's Vacation
Katie has finally found the man of her dreams. But is he? Handsome to the point of beautiful, a good job, and great in bed, Brad is everything a girl could want and Katie really can't believe her good luck.

But when the office cougar discovers Brad and Katie are going on vacation together, she sets out to ruin not only their travel plans, but also their relationship.

Will Katie give up or can she overcome her doubts about not being good enough?

Chubby Girl's Wedding
Brad has finally asked Katie to marry him. Despite her doubts about his commitment to a Rubenesque girl like her, Katie agrees.

There's only one catch, though. The stunningly handsome IT manager is the target of another woman's obsession and when spurned Angela learns of the engagement, she sets out to destroy the relationship and make Brad her own by force.

When Brad disappears, can Katie overcome her doubts and insecurities and rescue the man she loves?

For more of Michelle Fawkes then please check out her facebook page:


All you have to do is leave a comment (plus email address) on your views on Skinny vs Curvy women in the fictional world. Michelle will pick the winner and email you a pdf file of Chubby Girl Collection! The giveaway lasts until Monday 29 October!


  1. Wow, how come I never read about this series before? As a very plus size person myself, I would love to read this! On the wishlist at once!

    1. It's a good series and I highly recommend it :) I really wish more authors would write about plus size women or plus size men.

  2. My opinion on Skinny vs Curvy women in the fictional world is this: I believe all body types are beautiful. There are some women who look better thin, and some who look better with a bit more to love. And I think that should be reflected in the fictional world (and in the non-fiction I think stories should be focused on good character development, and if that means making a women plus size, then do it! Stories should inspire everyone, to dream and hope and believe in love. One of my favorite novels has a plus size woman, and it wasn't until that book that I really learned to love my curves and myself. I'm also starting on my own novel with a plus size heroine (wish me luck!) {} (I want all the books... Mwuhahahahahahaha)