Thursday, 19 January 2012

Her Angel Series by Felicity Heaton

Hey Book Lovers!

Angels. We all think they are good, pure and not sexy at all. Well Her Angel Series by Felicity Heaton, proves everyone wrong! 

I first got into the ebook when my friend, Sara, told me about them. I had read a few other Felicity Heaton novels and they where really good but Her Angel series are the best Angel ebooks I have read in a while. 

Her Dark Angel is based in Paris, France when a witch, Serenity summons Apollyon, an Angel who guards Hell. He goes to her thinking it's God that summoned him, but only to find out that Serenity had summoned him. He helps Serenity get revenge on an Ex-Lover of hers but along the way they their feels get the better of them. I really enjoyed this ebook, it was very well written and the plot was exciting. I really fell for the characters and I understood them.

Her Fallen Angel is based in London, England. Annelie falls for Lukas the moment he walked into her bar, three years ago. After a night of passion Annelie finds out what Lukas really is. An Angel that cannot fly. He wants to prove is innocents since he did not commit a crime that Heaven is accusing him of doing. Annelie helps him in his quest of innocents. They go to Paris in aid of Apollyon and Serenity's help. I loved this ebook. It was really great to see how Serenity and Apollyon are getting on. The plot of the story was amazing, I loved the crime factor that was added into it. 

Her Warrior Angel is based in London, England. Einir is one of Heaven's best Hunters. His mission is clear, find out why an Angel was working with Demons. Sounds easy, right? Well it was not when he found the first Demon fighting with Taylor. Taylor is half Human, half Demon.  Talyor and Einir work together to find the demons reasonable but their feels for each other get in the way of the mission. God! This ebook was amazingly well written and the plot was fab! I really liked Taylor's strong personality, she is the perfect match for Einir. 

Her Guardian Angel is based in London, England. Marcus has been watching over Amelia her whole life from the safety of Heaven but when Heaven sends him down to Earth to watch Amelia up close, things change for the worse. Marcus lives next door to Amelia, keeping an eye on her but the lust they feel for each other brings them closer. Heaven and Hell had other plans for Amelia and Marcus. Their love will shake both Heaven and Hell. Wow! I just couldn't put this ebook down! It was that good! It just shows that love can over come anything and everything! 

I do recommend these books to anyone that loves Paranormal Romance novels or just loves ebooks about Angels. So go onto Amazon and buy them!!!  


Shell xx


  1. She has quite a few short SciFi/Futuristic books I really enjoyed. Although quite short, I was impressed with the character development in such a short format. She's an author you don't hear that much about, but I've enjoyed what I've read so far.

    And welcome to the land of blogging :-)

  2. Thank you for commenting! :D

    Yes, Felicity is a very under ground author but her books speak for themselves as works of art. I really enjoy her books as well, it makes riding on a bus much funner lol!