Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sexy Saturday!

Welcome to Sexy Saturday!

I'm sitting outside in the cold, enjoying the sun and I was thinking how I could make this Saturday even better. Then it hit me! Show my fans on blogger who my favourite guys are from paranormal romances books!

So here it goes and enjoy ladies! ;)

Yum! True Blood's Alcide!

The Vampire Diaries's Salvatore brothers! *drools*

Carrie Ann Ryan's Redwood Alpha Kade Jamenson *fans self*

True Blood's Eric Northman! Sorry! I just couldn't help myself, Eric just soooo yummy!

Time to end this Sexiness with this hottie, Chris Pine! Sorry I just love Chris Pine :)


Shell xx


  1. I've managed to avoid the True Blood craze so far, but Alcide is just yummy. Looks like Eric Bana circa 2004.

  2. Yeah Alcide and Eric are just too yummy! :)

  3. Lol! Wait until next Saturday and see who I have in mind for Sexy Saturday! :D