Tuesday, 31 January 2012

REVIEW: A Cajun Christmas by Selena Blake

Hey Book Lovers! 

I'm back from college, thank God! Spreadsheets almost killed me! :( On the bus home (Yes I read on buses) I got stuck into A Cajun Christmas! So here I am in my room with fake nails on (the nails are the reason for any spelling mistakes lol), M&M's and listening to my youtube play list writing out this blog :) So enjoy A Cajun Christmas review! 

Join Deveraux Pack for their first Christmas together. With Angel and Jules’ wedding days away, the pack braces the snow and cold for an unforgettable day. The men place a bet to see who can come up with the best baby present. And Mother Nature provides one last surprise for everyone. 

Wow....I wish I had been there for their Christmas! It seemed like so much fun! Skiing contests, best baby present contest, Christmas cookies, wedding and...well I won't spoil the book for you! Seriously get this novella! It will make you laugh and just wish that you where apart of the Deveraux Pack!

Remember to check out her website: http://www.selena-blake.com/ 


Shell xx

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