Monday, 23 January 2012

REVIEW: Bitten in the Bayou by Selena Blake

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I've had a normal day at college, Commutations, Event Org, and Virgin Cocktails. Just a normal day at Borders College :D On the way to college I started & finished Bitten in the Bayou by Selena Blake. And by god I feel so jealous of Angelica! TWO Brothers?! Seriously?! Well done girl! That is all I have to say about this book, so here is the Book Description :D

If one Deveraux is good, two are infinitely better.

Jules and Andre Deveraux have been hired to find wildlife photographer Angelica Humphrey. She’s lost somewhere in the Louisiana bayou and there’s a hurricane brewing. Angelica has never met anyone like Jules or Andre and she’s instantly attracted. But she doesn’t have time to act on her desire because she has to get away from the ex-boyfriend who stalks her. They take her back to their cabin, offering her protection and shelter from the storm.
But Angelica quickly finds herself falling under their spell and they happily show her that if one Deveraux is good, two are infinitely better.
Warning: Contains two sinfully handsome cajun werewolves with voracious appetites, a splash of danger and a naughty game of scrabble.

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